Pedal Steel

Early 2000's


$ 5995.00($cdn)

If your serious about pedal steels then check this out ! This is a Fulawka 12 String Custom from the early 2000's . Ed Fulawka built some of the best steels in the world out of his 2 car garage in Penetanguishene, Ontario , he recently passed away and has left us with under 2000 beautiful pedal steels . This one is a 12 String with an extended E9, it has 5 pedals with 5 knee levers. The first pedal is the 'Franklin pedal ,then 3 pedals with a neat 5 th pedal that takes the G# to G - the minor pedal ! The steel is a beautiful Birds Eye Maple and is solid as a rock . It looks like a Bill Lawrence pickup and the steel sounds heavenly . Here is your chance to own a legendary Pedal Steel built right here at home ! Or if you are from away you get to say 'it was made in Penetanguishene' W/Road Case