ES 335



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This is a very special guitar , its not often you know the full history of a vintage instrument . This guitar has spent its whole life in Ontario , it was originally purchased in 1959 at Rawsons Music Centre in Peterborough and has only had 2 owners . We have a great shot of the original owner playing it with his band in the 60's . This 335 has both original PAF pickups (both double white !! rare) , all wiring and pots are original , the finish and hardware are also original ( the original tuners are in the case ) presently there are a set of repo aged tuners on the guitar , no extra holes were needed. The unusual wear marks on the body and fretboard are from the first owner who picked and strummed in front of the neck pickup , the wear is also present in the picture from the 60's. The guitar has been re fretted with period correct size frets. The neck is just perfect , the profile is pure 50's and feels incredible . The original body finish is in amazing shape , there is players wear on the back of the neck from about the 9th fret to the 12th . This is undeniably the tone that guitar players are constantly searching for , the pickups are dynamic and expressive , a wonderful example of a classic ! W/OHSC