T.C Electronic

RH 450



$ 899.00($cdn)

Here is a TC Electronic RH 450 Bass head w/matching 2x10 cab. Here is some info from the site.... Full D-Class 450 watt power stage, programmable preamp, tube emulation , compression, active tone controls....and weighs under 4 kilo. Integrated Tuner lets you just plug in, hit the mute and you are tuning in silence. On Board User Memories;With RH450 you can easily switch between, for example, your 4- and 5-string basses, or your Rickenbacker and Fender Jazz. Just plug in the bass and use the 'car radio' style Store & Recall controls to easily switch between presets for your chosen model. which are essential to the sound. Digital Out; The AES/EBU connector means you can record straight into your DAW, such as Pro Tools or Logic. For maximum flexibility it's also S/PDIF compatible and switchable from pre to post in the pre-amp section Integrated DI Box:Quality can vary wildly with built-in DIs, but RH450's DI is transformer balanced and galvanically isolated from the rest of the amp. Great price for this mint condition portable bass rig !