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This guitar has a special story . It started its life as a 1959 Martin D-28E and it belonged to Cass Elliott (Mama Cass) from the Mamas and the Papas . We were lucky with this one because it comes with a letter of provenance from George Gruhn from Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville and from John Greven ( i'll explain who that is later). Mama Cass wanted the guitar to look like the high end Martin D-45 of the time but with custom neck inlay. The inlay work was done by John Greven who worked at Gruhn Guitars in the early years , apparently George Gruhn was not a fan of altering a guitar from its original specs but in this case Cass was a big named performer and this was not an issue for George to ok the work . John Greven is an expert craftsman noted for his fine inlay work, he restored many high end guitars over the years at Gruhns. As described by Gruhns this Martin is a 1959 Martin D-28E that was converted to D-45 specs , the top was replaced in 1969/70 with the ornate D-45 appointments , the other request from Cass was a custom fingerboard inlay, rather than the standard D-45 inlay, they went with a Orpheum banjo-pattern inlay , its beautiful . As is typical of a 1959 D-28 , this guitar features well figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Gruhn also mentions that ownership by Cass Elliot gives this guitar added memorabilia appeal. The tone is focused and clear with the perfect amount of bottom end , its an absolute beauty . W/HSC