J 45



$ SOLD($cdn)

If you want an instrument for life , then this is it . Its not to often you know the full history of an instrument . This Gibson J-45 was purchased in 1948 at Simpsons in Toronto by the previous owner when he was 21 , he was in the war and had just come back from Italy where he was diffusing bombs and building bridges. He passed away at the age of 90 , he played and took care of this guitar his whole life and his family really wanted it to go to a good home , now its your turn . The guitar is in absolutely amazing shape , the dark burst is in beautiful condition with lots of checking and some minor wear , the guitar came to us in all original condition , it did need a refret and a bridge plate so that work has been done . The guitar is completely stable , its never had a neck reset and doesn't need one. The tone is everything you could ask for , nice bottom end and unbelievable clarity with beautiful tone . You won't find many nicer than this ! W/OHSC